Shanghai – The market survey report of water purifier


Celebrity Bing Bing Fan, Chi-Ling Lin, Tamia Liu, and Lei Huang showed up at AUQATECH Shanghai

1. Exhibition scope growth by times
Held by Dutch company Amsterdam Rai once per year, The 9th AQUATECH Shanghai was just finished on Jun. 17. The first AQUATECH at Shanghai was back in 2008, only 9 years ago. Because exhibitor number increased rapidly, the floor space was not enough and the venue has been moved 3 times. Scale of AQUATECH has been grown many times, too. This year there are total 1,280 exhibitors, an enormous raise.

2. Blooming industry
Overseas exhibitors all over the world crowded in the venue. Recently world-class brands outside this industry invest to merge existing water purification supplier, or look for factories to label their brands and exhibits at this show, such as:

Electronic Industry: Samsung, LG, Xiaomi
Household electrical appliance industry: Whirlpool, Honeywell
Consumer goods industry: Unilever
Entertainment industry: Walt Disney

So many well-known company invading into this industry shows they prospect a blooming future, but over-investment could trigger cut-throat competition.

3. Frightening competitors
Located in Shanghai, this exhibition is very convenient to local Chinese exhibitors who throw considerable capital in ground area as well as booth design and decoration. Various brand images and products dazzle the eyes of visitors.
Among these Chinese exhibitors, in order to rapidly capture market share, a few company spent a great deal of money in spokespeople such as Bing Bing Fan, Chi-ling Lin, Tamia Liu, and Lei Huang.

Because of so many emerging competitors, the attention to and demand of residential water purification equipment will be highly focused. Thus price competition will be intensified. One day in the near future, residential water purification equipment will become one of the white goods. In other words, everyone in this industry will barely make money. Small or new brands can hardly survive as well.

ALYA, the one who wins most Taiwan Excellence Award for water purification equipment, participated in this grand event.

ALYA has never been absent to AQUATECH Shanghai in the past 9 years. This year ALYA exhibit its Taiwan Excellence awarded products in successive 4 years. Stylish and novel design has always been the focus of international purchasing managers and Chinese agents.


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ALYA’s products
ALYA has been focused on developing, designing, manufacturing, and marketing water purification equipment as the categories listed below. Our water purifier, chlorine-removal shower filter, RO systems won Taiwan Excellence Award in 4 successive years.
ALYA’s products have been widely used by 7,000,000 families around the world. We are proud to gain so many praise and recommendation from consumers after their comparison with other brands.

1. Water filter
2. Residential water purifier
3. Filter
4. RO system
5. filter cartridge
6. RO membrane
7. Lead-removal filter
8.  drinking Faucet
9. Diverter valve
10. Tap diverter valve
11. Tap filter
12. Pitcher
13. Chlorine-removal shower filter(nozzle)
14. Chlorine-removal essential oil shower filter