Promise & Value

 Easywell's Brand Promise

  Promise 1:Create A Safe & Non-toxic Production Environment  

Our Approach:

  1. Use most NSF certified non-toxic rubber and plastic raw materials
  2. Using plastic pallets in whole factory area. They don’t bread bacteria and insects.
  3. All factory team/workers wear mesh cap to prevent hair falling and pollute to filters and it’s media.
  4. Using USA made non-toxic adhesive and surfactants.
  5. Using non-toxic and odorless cleaning detergents(for wiping the surface of filter cartridges)
  6. We check far-infrared ball’s roentgen figure by test instrument. When the figure is too high , it will harm human bodies but when it’s too low there is no function.
  7. Five items obtained NSF certificates.
  8. The water for testing water filters are using purified water, for which pass through water filter and sterilized by UV light before applying to test machines. This will ensure no bacteria and not contaminate products.
  9. Do not use recycle material for water contacted spare parts.
  10. 完整實驗室,測試細菌及產品可靠度


  Promise 2:Guaranteed To Be Made in Taiwan For More Than 34 Years  

• We do not have overseas investment. EASYWELL is not only focus on design, research and development but also producing products locally in Taiwan.


  Promise 3:Only Produce Water purifier that we dare to drink  

• Two founders of EASYWELL:They are the best witness for drinking water from their own products. Both of them look like 10 years younger than their true age.



Easywell's Core Value

   Be practical   



   Be empathetic   

我們常常提醒工作伙伴,做任何事前想想會不會造成只有損人利己的情況?時時保有同理心才有可能創造「you are happy, he is happy and I am happy」的結果。


   Be thrifty   



   Be initiative &  Passionate   



   Be Responsible