Code of Integrity

In addition to requiring cooperating manufacturers to sign a good faith agreement, Easywell Water Systems, Inc. (益銳股份有限公司), also requires its working partners to agree to the non-acceptance of bribes from the client procurement department.
The following code of integrity is a must for all employees to follow when performing their duties. This document must be read and signed on the first day of employment.




In order to implement an excellent culture of integrity, Easywell Water Systems, Inc. (益銳股份有限公司), appeals to all working partners to adhere to the following rules of good faith when performing their duties on a daily basis.


1. We want to acquire customers through our superior products, services, and values, instead of receiving orders from others through flattering and welcoming ways.

2. No fraud, no deception, no counterfeiting, no misappropriation of public funds, and no non-competitive agreements with any of our competitors.
3. It is necessary to obtain high-quality, well-matched supply targets with co-operating manufacturers, through adherence to integrity and fairness, to ensure that they do not accept private gifts from other parties, nor use their position to carry out their own business.

4. Comply with the Easywell Water Systems, Inc. (益銳股份有限公司), anti-corruption policy, and never offer or give any bribes or other improper benefits to the client to obtain their order, either directly or indirectly.

5. Never disclose the business secrets or intellectual property of Easywell Water Systems, Inc. (益銳股份有限公司), to a third party.

6. Do not criticize competitors and to demonstrate our competitiveness in a neutral and pragmatic manner.

7. When performing duties, always take the overall interests of Easywell Water Systems, Inc. (益銳股份有限公司) as the starting point.

I have read and understood this Code of Integrity and agree to the responsibilities contained within.

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