Goal of Quality Control
Quality Control
Easywell was certified by the ISO-9001 in 1999. regarding for to the working environment, the company was also certified by ISO-14001 in 2001 and Easywell also implemented the supply chain management (SCM), annual strategy planning, key performance indicator (KPI), quality control circle (QCC), total quality management (TQM), material requirements planning (MRP), management information system (MIS), and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Easywell not only has strict control on its quality, but also assisting the suppliers with their quality control system. By using supply chain management (SCM) to assist and consult the suppliers with upgrading their quality control on the products.
#ZWDF-1002 & #ZWDF-1003 Water Drinking Faucet
#PP10-01 & #PP10-05 & #PP08-01 Sediment Cartridges  
#AIC-10 & #AIC-10EZ In-line Post Carbon Filter   
#MBS10100 #MBS1075 #MBS1050 RO Membrane 
CE Certificates for RO Systems CE Certificates for Direct Flow RO Systems
CE Certificates for RO Systems CE Certificates for UV Filter Systems
Customer Serivce

Our core management philosophy will be quick response to the customers ; the staffs treat customers like families and customers are always right as the main belief.

For our valued customers, we offer free airline tickets, five stars hotel accommodation, and many other favorable benefits. To welcome your visit for more information, please contact our sales department. Once you become our customer, you will experience our thoughtfulness and carefulness.


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