• 4 Stages RO System / RO Water Purifier With Pump
  • *Filter Type:
      1st: PP(Quick Change)
      2nd: GAC(Quick Change)
      3rd: 50GPD Membrane(Quick Change)
      4th: GAC(Quick Change)

    *Compact Size
    *Quick Change(No Need Tools)
    *100V-240V Wide Range Electronic Transformer
    *All Quick Connectors
    *Double O-Ring Housing
    *Patent NO. M28170(Taiwan) / 822776(China)
Item NO. ROQ-O404 ROQ-O414
Pump / Transformer No Yes (100V-240V)
4 Way Shutoff Valve Yes Yes
High / Low Pressure Switch No Yes

*Comparison of Conventional RO & Quick Change ROQ-O414
Item NO. Conventional R.O. ROQ-O414
Size Too Big 40% Smaller
Quick Change Filter No Yes
Electronic Transformer No Yes
Quick Change Membrane No Yes

*MOQ: ALYA Brand : None / OEM&ODM : 300PCS

*Fitting Type : Quick Fitting
*Water Output Method : Drinking Water Faucet
*Flow Restrictor : Linear Type 400ml/min
*Storage Tank : Metal Tank 4 Gallons
*Faucet Flow Rate : 1.5LPM